Our Kindles of Ill Repute: Ultimatum and Milking Mistress Aphrodite

The last time we wrote about the free ebooks we’ve collected on our ereaders, we said we’d pay it back and also include our reviews on Amazon. But Amazon is making that difficult for us to do in the way we want, so we’re doing so on Goodreads instead, where applicable. (Yes, we’re aware they’re pretty much the same thing now. Funny how that happens.)

Here are a couple of ebooks we’ve read recently. Both come with significant warnings.

Ultimatum (The Devil’s Kiss I) by Gemma James

Kayla’s been stealing money from work to pay for her daughter’s health care. Her boss Gage finds out and — surprise! — he’s gorgeous and rich and he wants her, plus he’s kinky to boot, therefore her punishment is to be his submissive. So it begins… (Literally — this novella is the first in a trilogy.)

Ultimatum Cover_AmazonThis is a dark tale of two unhappy people having dark, unhappy sex. A dying toddler bumps up the melancholy factor to eleven. We’re sure someone must smile later in the trilogy, but in the meantime, we had few problems with the writing or the sex. Both were satisfactory, although the latter was a tad joyless for those involved, it seemed, which perhaps implies dubious consent, but hey, she signed the contract.

As for plausibility? First of all, this would never happen in Canada. Socialist universal health care and all. But of course, not everyone is as lucky as we are in that regard, so of course we moved past that. Second: contract, actually agreeing to the ultimatum, rich kinky gorgeous boss…the list goes on. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Plus, somewhere out there, such a boss must exist, right? He may want to advertise; apparently we all want to work for him. So: willing to suspend disbelief? Totally. We’ll go with it. Really, our only problem with this one was that Kayla has been abused in the past, yet Gage has no qualms about hurting or humiliating her. Gah! Okay, so this means she knows how to cope, and probably at some point in the trilogy she’s healed by it or whatever, but it also means that we felt very uncomfortable with any pleasure elicited from reading this. Be warned.

The second in the trilogy, Enslaved, is 99 cents on Amazon at time of writing. And the final novella, Retribution, came out this month. The author does make it clear that this is a dark series, and it is, and we kinda like that now and then. So we’ll be reading the next one. Just know that it may not be for you.

Milking Mistress Aphrodite by Elizabeth Knightbridge

We were a little shocked to discover that lactation fetish is a thing. This story and another crossed our radar at around the same time, and it piqued our interest just because the idea bothered us so much. You see, one of us has nursed a child, and during that time her breasts were effectively closed for business to anyone but that child. If her partner came anywhere near, she froze. Too weird. Too many things could go wrong. Too many awkward associations could be formed. So the fact that people get off on it, while not entirely surprising (people do get off on some pretty odd things), hit a nerve. And the fact that people write stories about it definitely caught our attention.

We neglected to pick up the other story (can’t even remember what it was called), although we wish now we had, and we actually think we paid 99 cents for this one, perhaps. Whatever; we were curious, and one of us dared the other to explore the topic further, and the result is a short story that we will release when we get the last story in the collection finished. We basically read this as research, to see what kind of detail people include in such stories and what you really need to know to write a story about a fetish you don’t participate in yourself. If this story is anything to go by, apparently not much beyond the basics. (Grr…if only we could remember the other one! Will google and explore more. There’ve got to be other stories, right?)

Aphrodite works for an exclusive club called The Training Academy where rich men go to indulge their fetishes. Aphrodite is a soft Domme whose main task is catering to the lactation fetishists, but she’s bored. Along comes Alex, a cocky and privileged young whippersnapper who is looking for a challenge.

The writing’s full of errors, almost enough to be too distracting. For instance, we think she meant “grottos” instead of “ghettoes.” Tee hee. We kind of liked that the point of view alternates between Aphrodite and Alex. It’s a gimmick, but one we don’t necessarily mind. The sex is okay, and the milk angle isn’t off-putting, or at least it wasn’t for us. Perhaps because there’s not as much focus on it as you would expect.

But plausibility? We’re starting to think that’s a silly thing to measure. Honestly, the Academy is a bit much, the BDSM training thing was totally over the top (they practice with balloons!), and the demand for Aphrodite’s milk — yeah, see, we’re maybe not the ones to judge the plausibility of fetish stories. But it’s fantasy, right? You just need to believe that people would react this way in these circumstances. And all we could think of was the pain this woman must suffer being engorged all the time. Jeepers, they’re always plump and dripping. Someone get her some cabbage leaves.

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2 comments on “Our Kindles of Ill Repute: Ultimatum and Milking Mistress Aphrodite

  1. Oh goodness, cabbage leaves!! Did that actually work for anyone?

  2. Don’t think I could stand the smell!

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